2016 Beach National Teams are Selected

Over the last three months our Beach Handball National Teams have worked hard to prepare for the Oceania Beach Handball Championships in Coolangatta (Gold Coast, Australia).
The tournament is hosted by Handball Australia and takes place the 27th and 28th of February 2016.

Both coaches did had not an easy job selecting players, but at the end they had to make some hard calls. 
Here now the official selection for both teams:

Adam Bradley,
James Cochrane,
Jared Eagle,
Aaron Huddleston,
Willy Makea,
Benjamin Potaka,
Timothy Rayner,
Ryan Roselli,
Thomas Roxburgh,
Nicholas Shields

Emily Ashby,
Janae Cotter,
Monique Dalley,
Samantha Gard,
Francie Graham,
Madeleine Hazelton,
Erin Roxburgh,
Jordan Thorstensen

Congratulations to all selected players and good luck for the tournament.