Beach Handball

Beach Handball is now a well established worldwide phenomenon. It’s based on Handball, but is of course a bit different; just like ‘Volleyball’ is different to ‘Beach Volleyball’.

The IHF Beach Handball Rules are the best way to explain how to play. Also a Google search will provide many hits on Beach Handball.

In principle, you have smaller court, 12x27m, which provides for a 15m playing zone, with a rectangular 12mx6m goalkeepers zone at each end. The usual 2x3m goals are placed at each end of the court.

4-a-side teams, including goalkeeper and up to 4 subs, play 2x10min halves with a 5min break in between. You score 2 points if you score a ‘spectacular’ goal, such as an alley-oop goal. (catch the ball in mid-air and score before touching down).