What is Handball?


About the Game:

Handball is a growing and developing game in New Zealand. However, it is a popular sport played all over the world.  According to the International Handball Federation, there are 167 registered national federations and handball is played in more than 183 countries. It's estimated that there are around 30 million registered players in the world and approximately 800,000 teams.

Although the game has been played in many formats, the first organised handball competition came in form of field handball. Field Handball was played in very similar conditions to Football. It was an 11-a-side game, played on a football field, and it was in this format that the game made its first Olympic appearance, in Berlin in 1934.

The game evolved to the current indoor version of seven-a-side, a much faster and more powerful game. It was the indoor format that Handball made a return to Olympic competition, first for Men, in Munich 1972, and then for Women, Montreal 1976.

The game is in its growth phase in New Zealand and is played in multiple regions across the country. There are numerous club teams, as well as regional champs. There are  New Zealand Mens and Womens indoor handball squads, as well as age group squads. New Zealand is also represented at an international level for Beach Handball. 

The game is currently played in the following formats in new zealand:

  • Handball
  • Beach-Handball



Take a look at this video for your quick guide to handball: