Vic Uni Handball Club

The Vic Uni Handball Club was founded in 2005 and affiliated with the local University. Besides this affiliation, anyone is welcome to join!


If you are interested in more information, please contact them either via their club email or through their secretary.

Vic Uni Leadership Team

President: Aleksa Djorovic
Secretary: Samantha Gard
Treasurer: Monique Dalley
Committee Members: Andrija Djorovic

Contact Details

Facebook: VIC Uni Handball Club
Website: VIC Uni Handball Club
Contact Number(s):
Men – Aleksa Djorovic – 021 059 2486
Women – Samantha Gard – 021 0220 3905

Vic Uni Men 2015
ic Uni Wolves – Men (September 2015)

Vic Uni women 2015
ic Uni Ravens – Women (September 2015)

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